Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Busy Busy Busy...

Monday was rainy rainy rainy. No field work.
But yesterday and today have been beautiful and sunny - and we got the documentation for our permits! Therefore, the last couple of days have been very long and busy.

Yesterday morning Alice and I went to track our two males – but found that one is no longer of this world. We think he was eaten by a fox because we found his transmitter in a pile of fox poop. What do you think?

Then after breakfast we went for a 6K run, and after lunch we went into the field to map our study area, look for burrows, and take vegetation data.

Today we got another hamster who now has his own transmitter and various other accoutrements. We also took a lot of vegetation data and worked on our sampling method.

But guess what. Yes. The Army came and said that even though we have documents IN HAND that say we have permission to work in these fields – because they haven’t received their own copies of the documents, we can’t work. So once again, we have a transmittered animal that we can’t track or observe. I’m exhausted and I'm going to throttle somebody very soon.

My mood, however, was much improved this evening because I talked to Mom and Dad (Skype is just damn amazing) and we found some great hamster footage from one of the cameras we set out last night.


AKA Eleanor said...

Hamster's necklace in fox poop = fox ate hamster OR Hamster is in the witness protection program somewhere in eastern Europe. (Does Bulgaria still exist?)

What would happen if you left when told to and then just went back in an hour or two?

MEM said...

If we were caught again, that would not bode well for our future work... the last think I want is them saying, "Enough! You can't work here at all!"