Thursday, March 29, 2007

29 March

Hi all,

Sorry I've been so remiss in posting. The past week has been very full - of fun and stress. The brief version:
* We've captured a few more animals, but the cool part is we've recaptured some animals from before.
* We took a short hike near here that was full of floral and faunal surprises - wonderful.
* We took a trip to Nemrut, a cool mountain in Eastern Anatolia where some egomaniacal king in 64 BC had various statues built of himself and his god "relatives." When we arrived, the road to the top was covered in snow, so we hiked up - the views were absolutely stunning! I'll leave the pictures to tell the story.

Our hike:

the view; Laura and a tortoise

Our trip to Nemrut:

Here we are heading away from the car to the top of Nemrut (photo by Ben); the further we went, the steeper it got.

Laura and Safak working their way up; and a view from the road up - that is the Euphrates in the background.

The final steep snowy bit just before the top. I have to admit, I didn't have the nerve to traverse this stretch - so the photos of the statues were taken by others who actually saw them. (Photo by Ben)

Statue heads in the snow and Dietmar with the statues - the heads have fallen off, so they are on the ground in front of the bodies (photos by Ben).

Erica next to a head (photo by Ben) and Alice on top (photo by ? - it was on Alice's camera)

Here are a few more pictures of daily life here in Elbeyli and beyond.

Our house - taken from the street (photo by Alice); Cumalil and me in the field (photo by Erica).

Elbeyli as viewed from our field site (photo by Erica).

Street in Gaziantep and the women of Team Hamster with their new rugs (photos by Erica).

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