Friday, March 16, 2007

16 March

First - I can NOT believe that this weekend I will have been here an entire month. It has flown by. Which is good, I guess. But that also means we don't have much time left and need to get cracking!!!!

Today we got FIVE hamsters. Count them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Yes five. We are getting more animals than we know what to do with! Unfortunately, we're not getting the information from them we'd like - but hopefully that will change as the season progresses. One of our 5 was a re-capture - A male we trapped and tagged on 7 March. The disappointing thing is that he managed to rid himself of the evil transmitter! Why can't they just accept our invasions peacefully?

Also, one of our really zippy cameras (which are generally really zippy) has died. The guy who built it asked me to expedite it back to him so he could fix it - we did that today to the tune of 356 YTL (that's probably around $250!).

Here are some pictures of us getting ready to go practice with our telemetry equipment; and then Alice looking very much like the biologist extra-ordinaire! (Thanks to Laura for letting me post her photos!) The first photo was taken right in front of our house - that's our wall on the left, and the nose of Safak's car.

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