Friday, April 13, 2007

Tomorrow I'm off!

Today was a good day. This morning spent several hours in the field, then this afternoon Erica and I went for a 5K run. Of course I made sure to eat lots of chocolate to counter any beneficial effects of the run and field work.

I can't believe it, but this weekend marks the halfway point. As a treat to myself, I am flying to Istanbul tomorrow to meet my best friend from 7th grade, Mary. We are going to explore and enjoy the city and its environs for seven glorious days!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of photos to post when I get back, so check back after 22 April. As a warning, however, I'm running out of room on here, so I will probably have to delete some of the older photographs.

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AKA Eleanor said...

Have a fantabulous time! I long to go to Istanbul (no, Constantinople) but fear it is one of those "someday = never" dreams. Maybe not...we'll see. may get two springs. It snowed here yesterday and more expected for Monday. So, by the time summer has arrived in picturesque Turkey, and you return home, spring may (no promises) have arrived in the northeast tundra.