Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello from Elbeyli

Hi all,

Here are a couple of travel photos - again, I don't have many good ones, so these will have to do.

(L) Mary on the Bosphorous in Istanbul
(R) the tomb of Osman Gazi in Bursa (he is either the founder of the Ottoman Empire or the father of the founder - in any case, he died in 1392 (!) and is a pretty important fella in the scheme of world history).

Life in Elbeyli certainly is quiet compared to Istanbul. But I have to say, I love it here, too. As much as I enjoyed the city, it feels great to be walking the fields again with the green, blue, breeze, sunshine, birds, etc.

Since I've been back, I have been playing catch-up - and finally feel like I'm there. So today was going to be my "read journal articles" day, but I'm posting here instead. Life here has been very quiet. The day I flew in from Istanbul, Laura and Safak went to Ankara. Laura is on her way home, and Safak is due back here on Monday. Then on 24 April, Benjamin flew to England for a job interview and returned this morning - and he got the job! So for the past few days, it has just been Erica and me, which has been delightful. A couple of days ago, after we came in from the field, we went to Mustafa's because E had never milked a cow before and wanted to try. (Mustafa is one of Cumali's friends who owns one of the tea houses and the small market where we do our local shopping.)

Then last night she and I went with Cumali to Mustafa's tea house and we played cards and hung out for an hour or so. Also very delightful - though we do cause quite a stir being the only women in the entire place.

Erica milking the cow; Mustafa and Cumali.

Erica and Mustafa riding M's motorcycle back to town.

Random Elbyli shots taken on the walk from Mustafa's back to our house.

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