Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm still trundling along

I must start out by telling you how much I love it here. The people are fantastic and life is very comfortable (most of the time). We have made some marvelous friends.

Last Saturday, Bob and Joan arrived. It's nice to have a bit of Ithaca here in Elbeyli.

The one negative thing I have to report is that my camera is broken. Last night Cumali took Erica and me to see part of a wedding party - and he tried to grab my camera to take photos, and the camera fell, bounced, spun, splattered... (can metal and plastic splatter?). Needless to say I am extremely disappointed. but such is life I guess.

PS. In my last entry, I posted two photos of a coffee shop in Antep. We went back there last Sat before picking up B&J at the airport. The flowers aren't in bloom, but the leaves have come out - and it is gorgeous! Too bad I can't take a picture of it...

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