Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hi again

I thought I'd pop another post on here, even though I don't have time (strike that - I don't have the energy!) to write much. Big news #1: two major crises (a problem with my cash card and a problem with our telemetry receivers) are potentially solved. Whew!

Big news #2: we got to go into the Forbidden Zone tonight! Our permits must have come through - hallelujah. We walked fields for 2+ hours looking for burrows, and then set a traps at a number of the new locations. We also set up our zippy remote cameras at the two burrows that house our transmittered males. I'm very excited to see what the cameras catch tonight!

Not so big news: Today was my first officially cranky day. I'm sure the crew was thrilled for that experience... But Alice, Ben, and I did yoga for about an hour tonight and I feel much better now.

So for now, I'll sign off from hamster central -


AKA Eleanor said...

Pictures soon? Sounds like a fun new adventure. I'm pretty sure our new cat would LOVE to join you all on the hamster hunt.

Damp and chilly in Turkey just can't be as bad as Ithaca in February!

Can you teach us some bad words, please?

Leora said...

So you found yoga buddies in the middle of Turkish farm land? That's very cool! An odd mental image....but cool!