Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hi all -
I will tell more and post some photos later, but for now - Cappadocia was amazing!

Now that we're back, I'm really focused on getting everything ready to go... I can't believe it's already time to go home. I'm going to miss Elbeyli, the people, and Turky more than I can say. I'm trying not to be too depressed about saying goodbye -

and FYI, I mistyped in my last post. We leave for Istanbul very early on 10 June, not 9 June. Our flight out is at 4:45am, so Sat night (9 June) we are going to Antep and will stay in a hotel. Then we will have an entire day in Istanbul. Unfortunately, my trip home includes a 20 hour layover in Frankfurt - and most of that is overnight, so not a lot of time to play. (With my baggage, it will be a pain to leave the airport, anyway.) I will finally be in Ithaca Tuesday evening (12 June).

Talk to you soon!

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