Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy belated St Pat's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 17 March. We went into Kilis for dinner last night as guests of Turgut (sp?). He is a friend, and handily also the Mayor's Assistant. May I just say - the food here is so good!

I was going through photos this morning, and found this one of a hamster in which I
implanted a transmitter (you can see the antenna coming out of her lower right side (i.e., the left side of the photo)). She is so cute I just had to share! She is already awake from the surgery, but is taking a little post-operative nap.


yoga girl said...


MEM said...

isn't it so?!
I thought of you guys tonight - Alice and I did yoga for an hour. It felt great!

Nic McPhee said...

I think the feet on that little critter are about as cute as anything I've seen in a long time! Yowza!

Nic McPhee said...

Also, thanks a ton for plugging our event and fundraising page. You rock!